Camellia Camellia

Features:There are many different camellia species within the garden, including evergreen shrubs, native arbors, and also introduced ornamental species. The flower comes in colors of white, pink, red and in petals of single flowers and double flowers.

Distribution: Yangming Park, Rhododendron and Camellia Garden, Qianshan Park, Floriculture Experiment Center.

Oriental Cherry (East Asian Cherry) Oriental Cherry (East Asian Cherry)

Features:The oriental cherry blossom is a native Taiwanese deciduous arbor belonging to the rosaceae family. Three to five flowers hang from each long peduncle, blooming with fuchsia petals and serrated leaves on its variegated bark. They bloom each year between January and February and their nectar is beloved by many birds and insects.

Distribution: Yangming Park, Qianshan Park, Yangmingshan Car Park No. 2, Yangde Boulevard, Gezhi Road, Floriculture Experiment Center.

Yaezakura Yaezakura

Features:The Yaezakura is a Japanese ornamental cherry blossom, a deciduous arbor from the rosaceae family with double flowers. The flowers have large pink petals, with long stems, and lanceolate-ovate alternate serrated leaves that are approximately eight to twelve centimeters. They bloom every January and February each year.

Distribution: Yangming Park’s Flower Clock, Yin Mei Ting, Flower Clock Square, Chang Kai-Shek Statue Area, Water Curtain Cave Area.

Keio-zakura (Kei-ou-zakura) Keio-zakura (Kei-ou-zakura)

Features:The Keio-zakura is a Japanese ornamental cherry tree, a deciduous arbor from the rosaceae family, with light pink single flowers of five petals on each branch, and each with a slight cut on the border. They bloom in February through March attracting enthusiasts to Yangmingshan mountain each year. During their flowering season there are night cherry blossoms on display in the fountain between six o’clock to nine o’clock in the evening.

Distribution: Yangming Park Fountain Area, Cherry Blossom Streams Area, Floriculture Experiment Center.

Yoshino Cherry Yoshino Cherry

Features:The yoshino cherry blossom is a Japanese ornamental flower, a deciduous arbor from the rosaceae family. The species of single flowers are either white or pink with thin branches, blades, sepals and fuzz on their inflorescence, the leaves are serrated in an oval or lopsided ovate shape with a length of approximately eight to twelve centimeters. The flowering season for the yoshino cherry is February and March each year.

Distribution: Yangming Park Service Center, Hushan Green (The two sides of Hushan Road Section One).

Rhododendron Rhododendron

Features:The rhododendron are categorized into either the naturally cultivated or the hybrid, with a large variety of species that are include both evergreen or deciduous shrubs. The alternate leaves come in a large variety of shapes, including oval, ovate, lanceolate, triangular-ovate, and etc. They are green with different densities of fuzz, and the sizes, thickness, and texture of the leaves are very diversified. They bloom in the spring and summer, with funnel-shaped, bell-shaped, or tubular corollas, with a wide range of flower shapes, inflorescences, and colors. The single flowers are more likely to bear fruit with thin tiny seeds.

Distribution: Yangming Park.

Chinese Hydrangea (Hydrangea Chinensis Maxim) Chinese Hydrangea (Hydrangea Chinensis Maxim)

Features:This hydrangea flower is an evergreen shrub of the saxifragaceae family that stands about one to three point five meters tall, with opposite leaves of a smooth papery texture in long oval shapes. The flowering season is January through March. What appears to be the white petals of this Chinese hydrangea is formed from specialization of their calyx that attracts pollination from insects, the real flowers are the tiny yellow-green flowers positioned in the center of the inflorescence.

Distribution: Yangming Park Zhongxing Road, Qianshan Park, Yangming Park, Sidewalks and Car Routes.

Rhododendron Oldhamii Maxim Rhododendron Oldhamii Maxim

Features:A native of Taiwan, this rhododendron is a deciduous shrub that belongs to the ericaceae family. The rhododendron oldhamii maxim can reach heights of up to four meters tall and has many branches and sprouting branches that are densely covered with a golden yellow fuzz, making it appear as if covered with golden dust, which is why it is referred to as the “golden haired rhododendron”. There are one to four crimson flowers on each branch and the flowering season of this flower can extend from March till October, with the longest flowering season among Taiwan’s native rhododendrons.

Distribution: Yangming Park Xinhai-Guangfu Building, Zhongxing Road, Rhododendron and Camellia Garden.